Una història ‘menuda’ i plena d’emotivitat

Una altra d’aquelles històries ‘cruels’ pel que hi ha al darrera, però emocionants per l’acte en sí i, com déiem amb el Josep Vilalta, qui em va passar la referència, et ‘posa el pels de punta’.

Mireu-vos vídeo i ja em direu sinó.


La notícia completa a http://mashable.com/2013/04/07/boy-touchdown/

“It's not every day that you see players and fans from both teams cheer at the top of their lungs when someone scores a touchdown, but that's what happened when Jack Hoffman ran the ball into the end zone during the University of Nebraska's spring football game.

Hoffman, a 7-year old boy fighting brain cancer, was given his own pint-sized jersey (#22) and placed in the game during the fourth quarter. One of his teammates handed him the ball, and Jack started hustling down the field while players from both teams followed — not to tackle him, but just to be part of the moment. He ended up running a 69-yard touchdown. Both team's benches emptied out to rush the field and lift Jack up, and the entire stadium went wild.

Hoffman was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, and is currently on a brief break from chemotherapy. His father Andy told The Associated Press that he was "very optimistic" about Jack's prognosis and had "a lot of emotions" seeing his son score the touchdown.